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Planting wutong Tree Attracts Phoenix -- Summary of Fang Da Carbon's Human Resources Work

    Talents are the primary productive forces. Improving the core competitive strength of enterprises is an important foundation and guarantee for the comprehensive management level of human resources.

    As a strong enterprise in the global carbon industry, facing market challenges and the impact of the epidemic, Fangda Carbon dares to take the initiative to tap into the potential of human resources, strengthen business skills training, and create a platform for entrepreneurship. This fully stimulates the motivation and vitality of all cadres and employees, providing strong organizational support for the high-quality development of the enterprise.

Overcoming the difficulties of the epidemic together and ensuring social stability and security

Since July 8, the epidemic situation caused by COVID-19 Omikron mutant has suddenly hit Lanzhou. In the face of the severe and complex epidemic situation, the people of the whole city have taken the overall situation into consideration and united as one, actively participated in epidemic prevention and control, strictly followed temporary control measures, prevented the epidemic from home, and helped each other, together making the city "quiet".

As the largest producer of graphite electrode monomers in the world, Fangda Carbon has not yet settled down. According to the overall requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and based on the actual situation, classified policies are implemented to promote the normal operation of enterprises under the premise of actively and steadily carrying out epidemic prevention and control. This is an organic combination of "static" and "dynamic", and a smart game.

A rare order of carbon bricks brings joy and worry. "This year, due to market influence, electrode orders have decreased. Fortunately, we also have products such as carbon bricks and special carbon materials to make up for. How to deliver these rare orders on time not only tests our production organization ability, but also our ability to control the epidemic in the current epidemic situation." At the production organization coordination meeting, the chairman of the company, Party Xijiang, emphasized.

How to minimize the impact of the epidemic and unleash the maximum potential of every employee is a major issue facing the human resources department. Accurate management, which can accurately and quickly track the daily movements of over 2500 employees, has become a headache for the Employee Management Department of the Human Resources Department. The first thing HR does when they go to work every day is to quickly compile three major tables - the dynamic table of the number of employees in each community, the dynamic table of epidemic prevention and control of key factory personnel, and the table of isolated personnel. "These three tables are like a barometer, which can truly reflect the latest developments of all workshop personnel in the company, accurate to each employee," said Wei Aijun, the head of the employee management department of the company's human resources department.

Accurately packing each employee into these communities is not an easy task, with 224 people in South District No. 4, 199 people in South District No. 6, 81 people in South District No. 7, and 62 people in Zelin. With the continuous increase of carbon bricks in recent times, ensuring timely delivery of carbon bricks and not being affected by the epidemic is the company's recent work direction. So, the normal attendance of 189 employees in the third workshop responsible for carbon brick processing and the new workshop became a special focus of HR's attention. There are 3 people in Xiyuan Community, 1 person in Ocean Garden, 23 people in Fangda Shangcheng, 6 people in Jinshengyuan, and 3 people in Longxing Community... Each data changes daily, and only by accurately understanding the number of employees in each processing plant in each community can personnel be allocated in a targeted and timely manner. "The communities of Master A, Master B, and Master C in the roasting plant have notified that they are close contacts and are required by the community to undergo a 7-day home quarantine. As of July 25th, the company has isolated 35 people from home, with 4 people in centralized quarantine, an increase of 8 people from yesterday's quarantine, and a decrease of 3 people from being released from quarantine, resulting in a total of 39 isolated people..."

At the same time as timely understanding and mastering the daily number of people unable to be on duty due to isolation, the Human Resources Department will coordinate with various units to dynamically allocate personnel based on production reality. On July 25th, 11 new employees recruited by the company were assigned to the more scarce positions of equipment department lathe workers, CNC machine tool positions in processing plants, as well as molding plants and processing plants.

At the same time as timely understanding and mastering the daily number of people unable to be on duty due to isolation, the Human Resources Department will coordinate with various units to dynamically allocate personnel based on production reality. "On July 25th, 11 new employees recruited by the company were assigned to the relatively scarce positions of equipment department lathe worker, CNC machine tool position in the processing plant, as well as the pressing plant and overhead crane position in the processing plant, which to some extent alleviated the job demand," said Hou Xulong, the director of the company's human resources department. Considering that all the crane workers in this project are skilled operators, the Human Resources Department urges all units to arrange new employees to familiarize themselves with the work environment and operating equipment as soon as possible. After meeting the conditions for independent work, the crane workers who were previously seconded will gradually return to their original units to work in combination with production reality.

Introducing young talents to supplement fresh blood

For a long time, Fangda Carbon has been guided by the corporate culture of "Party building as the soul", guided by institutional incentives as the value orientation, and gathered strength through generous benefits, complementing each other and jointly promoting the healthy development of the enterprise. The continuously expanding social influence of enterprises, as well as the generous salaries and benefits of employees, have attracted a group of young people to rush in.

On July 20th, 22 new employees selected through multiple stages such as physical fitness tests, written tests, and interviews, with excitement and unease, participated in the new employee onboarding ceremony together with 13 upcoming corporate lecturers. New employee Xiao Hai said, "I want to promote the excellent quality of retired soldiers that does not fade after discharge, and I am willing to work on the production line.", New employee Xiao Bao said, "I have 5 years of practical experience as a crane worker and hope to contribute to the company by exerting my own strength." "Being able to do my job well is the talent that the company needs. The company regards employees as family members, and the majority of employees should also regard the company as their own home." The company's leadership said in a review.

This is the second large-scale recruitment work for enterprises this year. Faced with the particularity of recruitment work during the epidemic, the human resources department has brainstormed and publicly released recruitment information on Zhilian Recruitment, Gansu Province Talent Market website, Honggu Employment, and other platforms. To ensure fairness, impartiality, and transparency in recruitment work, the company's human resources, office, audit, and other departments work together, with disciplinary inspectors supervising the entire process to prevent the occurrence of embezzlement and fraud. In order to strengthen the standardized construction of the new employee team and create a new era of employees with strong work style and strict discipline, the company organized military training activities for newly recruited veterans in accordance with the veterans recruitment plan. The military training covers individual soldier formation movements, class formation movements, enemy catching punches, physical fitness training, etc. The basic subjects include 5000 meter running, push ups, sit ups, single and parallel bar exercises, legs squats, etc., including organizing internal hygiene, etc. Training venue, standardized and uniform movements, neat and loud slogans, sound in the ear, witnessing the vigorous growth of new forces. New employee training is just one point among many trainings.

Strengthen business skill training to cultivate versatile and versatile talents

A glimpse reveals the whole leopard. Hou Xulong said, "According to the annual plan, there are more than 50 company level training sessions like this, almost every week. This does not include temporary training and independent training by various secondary units. During the epidemic, online teaching is not relaxed, and employees' ideological awareness and business skills have been greatly improved through persistence."

From January to July this year, Fangda Carbon received 2791 company level training sessions, with 684.5 class hours and 34 training contents. At the beginning of the year, each secondary unit will combine their own needs and develop "self selected actions" in addition to the company's "prescribed actions" training content. For example, in addition to the special operations and equipment training organized by the company, the company's molding plant has also developed over 20 training courses, including "Quality Control Points for Molding Processes", "Technical Knowledge of Hydraulic Systems", "Fundamentals of Carbon Process", and "Fire Protection Training for Major Hazardous Source Positions". The roasting plant invites the company's safety and environmental protection department to assist in conducting training on occupational health education, equipment lubricant selection, and product lifting and transportation safety. The teaching staff are mostly members of the company's lecturer team or personnel with intermediate professional titles or above from various secondary units.

"These masters work on the front line all year round and have very rich practical experience, which we cannot learn from textbooks," said Xiao Yang, a college student newly assigned to the graphitization plant.

In order to further implement the requirements of the province, city, and district for vocational skill enhancement training, strengthen the construction of corporate culture, improve the comprehensive quality and business skills of employees, and ensure the sustainable development of the company, the company has been organizing vocational skill enhancement training since the end of May, and has completed the first batch of training plans.

This training is a large-scale vocational skill enhancement training organized by the company based on the development needs of the company and the actual production and operation situation. The training will be conducted in two batches, with units with more than 60 people receiving training in batches equal to 50% of the unit's personnel; Units with less than 60 employees will be included in the first batch of training plans. The first batch was divided into 26 classes and trained 1371 people. The training is conducted through a combination of theoretical training and practical operation, with a total of 40 class hours. Each unit independently conducts training through its own production meetings, pre - and post shift meetings, on-site operations, and other means.

The training content is mainly divided into two categories. Theoretical knowledge training mainly includes management systems and job responsibilities, technical regulations and quality requirements, technical operation regulations, and job knowledge and skills. Practical operation training mainly involves learning the basic principles and daily maintenance methods of production equipment and facilities, familiarizing oneself with the basic working principles of the equipment operated in this position, and mastering how to maintain and maintain the equipment and facilities. In order to do a good job in this training, the Human Resources Department has formulated a detailed "Vocational Skills Enhancement Training Plan", which requires each unit to assign a dedicated person to be responsible for the training of all employees. Based on the actual work of each position, the training content should be reasonably selected and the unit's training plan should be formulated. The same or similar types of work should be merged for training, and the training teachers should be personnel with intermediate or higher professional titles or senior vocational skills from each unit. After the training, all students will verify the effectiveness of the training through exams.

By combining theory and practical training, employees are urged to remember the company's basic rules and regulations, familiarize themselves with the knowledge of equipment use, maintenance, and storage in their respective positions, improve their comprehensive quality and technical level, and clarify their job responsibilities. "Through official training as a military instructor, both in theoretical knowledge and practical experience, everyone has learned a lot of new knowledge, which is beneficial for everyone to improve their professional skills," said Zhang Shibin, the chairman of the processing factory union.

Expanding Development Space and Emphasizing Talent Training

Implementing vocational skill certification and establishing a vocational skill level evaluation system is a strategic measure for China's human resource development, a major measure for cultivating and developing the labor market, and of great significance for improving the quality structure of the labor force. With the healthy and rapid development of the enterprise, the company realizes that establishing a vocational skill level evaluation system is not only beneficial for improving employee career development plans, but also provides a platform for discovering, cultivating, and retaining talents, reducing labor disputes, stabilizing the employee team, and promoting reasonable employee mobility.

As a leader in the domestic carbon industry, the company actively communicates with provincial and municipal human resources departments to address the special situation where some professions in the carbon industry do not have national standards. By referring to and querying industry standards, the company,write one by one《Construction of enterprise skilled talent team》《Realistic needs for occupational occupations and levels to be applied for filing》the supporting documents have laid the foundation for ensuring the smooth progress of the vocational skill level evaluation of enterprise skilled talents. At present, the company has 2015 production and technical workers, and 1182 individuals who have obtained junior or above professional qualifications, including 402 junior workers, 423 intermediate workers, 353 senior workers, and 4 technicians. The company has obtained CNAS laboratory accreditation certificates, ISO9001 quality system, ISO14001 environmental system, and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certifications, and has been recognized as a high-tech enterprise by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China. Its overall process and technical capabilities have reached the international advanced level. According to the human resources department of the company, the application for the certification center of skilled personnel for specific occupations in the carbon industry is a powerful measure for the company to implement the national policy of deepening the reform of the vocational qualification system for skilled personnel, establishing a vocational skill level evaluation system, and strengthening the construction of the skilled talent team.

At the same time, in order to effectively strengthen the training of the company's reserve talents, the human resources department of the company has timely issued the "Implementation Plan for Selecting Excellent Grassroots Employees for Temporary Training in Relevant Functional Departments". To cultivate a talent team that is willing to take on responsibilities, willing to do things, capable of doing things, and capable of achieving success, the company has selected a group of full-time college students with development potential and training prospects from various grassroots units to be seconded and trained in relevant functional departments of the company. Through training, the aim is to enrich the work experience of reserve talents, familiarize them with and understand the situation of government agencies and grassroots, effectively improve the overall quality of young reserve talents, adapt to the needs of the company's talent team construction, and promote better and faster development of the company. The first batch of selected personnel will be sent from production and auxiliary units to functional departments such as the company's comprehensive office, human resources department, party and mass work department, procurement department, finance department, etc. The principle of on-the-job training is 6 months. "The recommended personnel must strictly follow the selection procedures such as recommendation and qualification review before they can be recommended. The company conducts qualification review on the recommended candidates, and those who perform outstandingly during their secondment period are directly included in the company's reserve talent team. In the future, priority will be given to cadre selection." Li Xianghong from the company's human resources department introduced.

Bringing in new talents and teaching by example, prioritizing the style of respecting the elderly

In order to meet the talent needs of the company's strategic development, the "old leading new" initiative has been implemented to cultivate a team of employees who want to do things, can do things, and can do things. The "old leading new" initiative of Fangda Carbon has played a positive role in helping new employees quickly familiarize themselves with the work environment, job operation essentials, and establish safety awareness.

"In the first half of the year, more than 70 new employees completed training, including overhead crane workers, temperature adjustment workers, furnace loading and unloading workers, filling material workers, etc. They made rapid progress under the training of their masters," said Wang Wei, the comprehensive administrator of the roasting plant. For a long time,《Management Measures for "Old Leading New"》the principle of combining organizational designation and voluntary selection is adopted, and the training period is generally not less than six months, with a technical position training period of one year. For those who participate in the "Old Lead New" training, both old and new employees must sign an "Old Lead New" agreement, which includes training content, compliance standards, training period, etc. Old employees are required to arrange training plans for the following month before the end of each month. The execution of the training plan is evaluated and evaluated weekly, and submitted to the unit leaders for review and guidance at the end of each month. "In order to effectively improve the effectiveness of training, senior employees with apprentices are appointed by backbone personnel with more than 2 years of experience, recognition of corporate culture, strong business skills, and high comprehensive quality. After the 'old leads new' training is completed, the unit will submit the comprehensive evaluation results to the Human Resources Department for review. The Human Resources Department will track, inspect, and assess the 'old leads new' training work in a timely manner." Hou Xulong said.

In order to enable new employees to comprehensively and proficiently master job operation skills, and to address situations where new employees without work experience are not proficient in operation, have low technical level, and lack strong safety protection awareness, the unit will arrange for old employees to provide timely and effective work guidance during work; For newly hired management and technical talents with work experience, assistance is provided by experienced employees to help them adapt to the new work environment and meet work requirements more quickly and smoothly. In addition, the company encourages and advocates employees to learn from different professions and improve their business abilities. Based on their own positions, the company arranges practical training for multiple positions related to and similar to their positions, creating a "one skilled and versatile" position.

"In order to motivate old employees to be more diligent and responsible in taking care of their apprentices, after the 'Old Lead New' training, if new employees perform well in the assessment, they will be rewarded with 600 yuan per month; if new employees pass the assessment, they will be rewarded with 300 yuan per month," said Zhao Yili from the Employee Compensation Management Department of the Human Resources Department. The "Old Leading New" agreement also stipulates that in addition to business training, old employees should also "bring ideas, practice style, and pass on experience". As the first safety guardian of new employees, they should care for, care for, and help them in work and life through words and deeds, cultivate their dedication to work, and improve their ideological, moral, and comprehensive business qualities.

The improvement of worker skills and the realization of efficiency are the lifelines that support the inexhaustible power of enterprises. According to the 2021 annual report of the company, it achieved a revenue of 4.652 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 31.44%, and a net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company of 1.085 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 98.11%; The first quarter report of 2022 shows that the company's main revenue was 1.149 billion yuan, an increase of 23.5% year-on-year; On April 12, 2022, the integrity "Red and Black List" for the first quarter of 2022 in Lanzhou City was released, and the company was once again successfully selected for the "Red List" list. The impressive performance reports time and time again highlight the company's industry position and strong competitiveness in the global carbon industry. (Xie Pengzhou)